DoodleHATCH is a one-of-a kind destination for humans seeking something new and different to do.

A pretend department store for the mythical creatures of fairy tales, ghost tales, and other worlds, it is an interactive walk through fantasy realms. Visit the Stargate, the Fairy Village, the Hobbit House, the Space Station, and the Dead and Breakfast.

DoodleHATCH is the latest arts-oriented 501 (c)(3) nonprofit established by artist and art clothing designer Lee Andersen, the founder of the ManneqART Sculpture on the Human Form competition, and
co-founder of the FantasyWood Festival



A Case Study in Retail Revitalization

DoodleHATCH is also an example of the adaptive reuse and economic revitalization of an empty retail center.


The anchor for Howard County’s new arts and culture center, DoodleHATCH joins other arts-related retailers, nonprofits and new food establishments in the turnaround of the Long Reach Village commercial center.

Come see the newest attraction in Howard County! 


is the answer to “what to do with your kids” (or yourself) that does not involve a cellphone or other electronic device. A place to inspire the imagination and creativity of children and adults alike.

Once you arrive in the Intergalactic Arrivals Lobby, visit the Arrivals lounge and the Stargate. Proceed to the front desk to get your temperature checked, your free gloves, and learn our rules!


Are you a human who likes to groom unicorns? 

Bring a hairbrush from home and your leftover nail polish. Brush the unicorn's mane and paint her hooves.

Why should the kids have all the fun?

DoodleHATCH is your canvas. An ever-evolving work in progress to inspire creativity. Part of the entertainment is to build on what’s here. What could you create or do to make DoodleHATCH even more extraordinary? 

Join the DoodleHATCH community and help evolve this imaginary universe. We want the experience to be as much your creation as ours. Nix the 5G. This is imagination in 3D. Untether from your digital devices and live in the moment.


If you’re constantly on the prowl for fun and unique gifts, visit the DoodleSHOP.

If you’re a designer or fashionista, come see the thousands of fabrics, trimming and wearable art clothing created at, one of the only remaining U.S. fashion manufacturing facilities, co-located with DoodleHATCH.

Make plans now to visit DoodleHATCH!

What’s here today will be different tomorrow. 

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