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Kelsey Joyce

Our first featured artist of 2022 is new to ManneqART. We’re thrilled to have Kelsey Joyce on the team. In addition to creating art for us, she will be teaching workshops at DoodleHATCH starting this month. Come soak up her sparkling personality!

Kelsey Joyce is a Maryland-based artist who creates happy and colorful imaginary creatures and joyful environments. Kelsey’s artistic journey began when she combined her active imagination with her passion for sculpting. This newfound outlet of expression allowed her to share her creativity and bring her vision to life. Kelsey coined the Imgī to name her collection of friendly fantastical creatures that act as guardians. Each Imgī has its own personality and special power. Along with creating the Imgī, Kelsey also taught herself many different art mediums to create optimistic and fascinating environments and public artworks. She uses the outlet of fantasy to transport viewers to a playful, positive environment. Her hope is to relax them, ignite their imaginations, and make them happy. At first, Kelsey primarily sculpted dragons, but now, after becoming inspired by Pedro Linares López’s Alebrije, she creates many creature-combination sculptures. When Kelsey is not producing works of art she is teaching, designing, and expressing herself through dance, fashion, and music. 


You can see some of Kelsey's work at the following sites!


Facebook: Kelsey Joyce Art