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  • Can I come in costume?
    If you DON’T want to stand out, feel free to come in a costume. Ogres are asked not to eat the humans but sniffing and drooling may occur.
  • I want to come in costume, can I bring props with me?"
    No real or imaginary weapons are allowed, nor are full-face masks or costumes of violent characters. Let’s leave those for video games.
  • What age group is DoodleHATCH meant for?
    The DoodleHATCH Art Installation is suitable for all ages and families but our focus is mainly young children and toddlers.
  • Is there a changing station for babies? Can I bring stroller?
    We have two changing stations for babies each one located in one of our two bathrooms. Strollers are perfectly acceptable in DoodleHATCH, just make sure you don't forget it!
  • Can I reserve the facility for a party?
    If you're interested in reserving a part of DoodleHATCH for a party, please contact Lee at for more details!
  • Can I buy food or drinks?  Can I bring in my own?
    We do allow snacks and beverages with closed lids in the art installation, but please do not leave any wrappers on containers in the space.
  • Will I be able to take photographs? Can I use flash?
    Photography is encouraged! Take pictures of anything you like! But make sure you ask permission of any perfomers in the shot!
  • How can I get involved in producing art for DoodleHATCH?
    If you are interested in creating work for DoodleHATCH please go to our volunteer page or contact Lee at Lee@LeeAndersen
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