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DoodleHATCH is a one-of-a kind destination for families seeking something new and different to do.

An Interactive Art Museum, explore our pretend department store for the creatures of fairy tales, ancient myths, and other worlds. Enjoy a hands on experience that's perfect for children and toddlers. Watch creativity in action and spark their imaginations through our various exhibits and displays. Express your inner artist together by participating in one of our many craft workshops, each one designed for kids and the "young at heart."

Here are some of the amazing things you can only find at DoodleHATCH!

Visit the Stargate

Find out how all of our intergalactic travelers get here!


This breathtaking installation is the perfect place for photos! 


Discretion is advised for people with photosensitive epilepsy.


Meet our Unicorns at the "Mane Salon"

Always wanted to groom unicorns?

Brush our unicorn's mane and give her hooves a beautfiul makeover.

unicorn horse picture.png

Check out the "Giant's Bed!"

Jump, flip, or just relax on the DoodleHATCH giant's bed!

Take your shoes off and live larger than life!

Socks are required for use of the Giant's Bed

DoodleHATCH Bed.png

Learn at the Intergalactic Space Station!

Venture out to the final frontier at DoodleHATCH!

Our space station has all sorts of switches and buttons that simulate a real control room!


Watch your kids learn all about space and our solar system with our on board computer.


visit doodlehatch!

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