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  • Thursday July 27th 2pm – 4pm



10+ - 80

Cut Up Couture Intermediate Class (2 Hours)

  • No previous experience required but the Beginner class is helpful.
    Bring a combination of old sweaters, clothes, and fabric you have laying around or pick up some cheap from a thrift store. Only bring things that are not precious to you. This class we will be more specific and thoughtful about selecting colors, fiber and textures. We may dye or splatter bleach someone’s garment or sweater if light weight cotton garment or fabric needs to ‘Play nicely with others!’ Bring your own yarn if you know how to knit or crochet. Lee will help you find extra fabrics to pull your crazy color and texture combos together. She has 3000 rolls of fabric to choose from! Scissors, thread, yarn for big hand sewing stitches, and a range of hand sewing needle sizes will be provided. Lee’s seamstress will be here to do some industrial machine sewing for you if required. Bring a glass of wine if you are over 21! Loosen up, have some fun! Wear a basic bottom so you can take a fun photo with your your new tunic top or jacket! Take photos with your wine glass! Bring a friend to the class, even if they have not come to a previous class. Two heads are sometimes better than one and you can help each other make decisions. Of course, if you have two heads it might mean you are a Galactic Tourist. You are still welcome to join the class!

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